What started off back in 1977 as a poultry slaughtering and cutting farm has now turned into a family owned and operated butcher shop offering products that are made fresh and daily.  

Here at Snow White we pride ourselves in offering the best meat products, from a fresh piece of tender beef fillet to our extensive range of burgers, sausages and marinated food all spiced and prepared to perfection at our facilities to deliver the freshness our customers deserve.

Our chicken and pork are of the highest quality and come from local suppliers.  All the beef is of foreign breeds which are grown in Malta by dedicated farmers for us to give to our clients. It is slaughtered at about 12 months of age and it therefore keeps itself tender, unlike beef that is slaughtered in Malta at the age of 24 months or over, just so that it can gain more weight.

Snow White also prepares a number of marinated and stuffed products with spices from all over the world which are added to our high quality meat to give it that extra special taste.  Our marinades offer a whole range of exciting meal ideas that can be chargrilled, stir-fried, oven cooked or barbecued, so whatever the occasion you will definitely find something to suit you.

Our shop is situated next to the popular Ta’ Soldi Restaurant, on the way to Mgarr.  It is definitely your one stop shop for all your chicken and meat needs at unbeatable prices.  At Snow White we don’t just care about our product – we also care about your custom, and our staff will do their best to satisfy your wants… including providing you with a few recipe tips on how to turn your cooking into a healthier life style!

At Snow White… It’s certainly worth the drive!